Powercane is primarily a startup R&D and IP licensing entity, which will offer ongoing tech transfer and know-how to any manufacturing partner. Rebranding may be considered for the right partner, but our main concern is to maintain the integrity and quality of our medical-grade devices, and therefore our identity will be maintained at a minimum as a product sub-brand.

We will provide ongoing technical consultancy to partners, right down to manufacturing requirements, quality assurance certifications and market analysis.

Obviously our market is global in terms of need: 45 million Americans have arthritis and over 600 million people worldwide. The sencare and mobility assistive device market is growing at 7% per annum. As with most original products our entry market will be limited to individuals and healthcare entities who can afford the value-added unit price in year one.

Any assignments or licences will be limited to the ArthroLift application, and may be further delimited by market region. Powercane is developing analogous technology for emergency services and industrial trades applications, and prospective partners may be invited into these other applications.

Enquiries specifically concerning financial stakeholding, manufacturing and distribution of the ArthroLift mobility aid should be directed to: